Surgery Day…

At o’dark thirty this morning, our sleepy hamlet awakened for yet another date with destiny. I was going under the knife again, for a minor surgery. I seriously considered canceling surgery in favor of sleeping in. My better angels won the argument and I hopped into my Hibiclens shower.

Hibiclens has to be my least favorite soap with which to wash my skin: germ killing but highly drying. Add to it the fact that I’m not allowed to use lotion before surgery, and I’m wandering around feeling like an alligator all day.

And don’t forget the fasting! Fortunately, my surgeon believes in scheduling me first thing in the morning, so by noon my fasting woes were at an end. 🙂

I’m home resting again, with my three punctures from my IV, and my bandages and dressings. I’m back on painkillers again, so autocorrect is definitely a friend of mine today.

Here’s my sleepy morning face, just before we departed for the hospital:


I hope you all have had a wonderful Tuesday.

Blessings to you all!

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