Writer Wednesday – Michael R. Hicks

I have to say that I really enjoy Twitter. It has completely broadened the number of authors I read, and given me the opportunity to discover new authors I would have otherwise missed.

Michael Hicks is one such author. About, oh – what seems like a million years ago, when I was sick – Michael Hicks was offering a free download of his novel “In Her Name: Empire.” His genre is sci-fi/fantasy, with an angle on a war, between worlds (if I’m allowed to describe it that way). His free download had me totally hooked. He wove a tale so rich in detail and emotion that the entire culture of the alien planet our protagonist had joined came vibrantly to life.

Even better, it’s part of a series of novels, so (if you’re a bookworm like I am) the story doesn’t end with one novel. Mike Hicks’ website is authormichaelhicks.com.

He offers free downloads, if you want to get a sense of his writing and amazing storytelling. If you’re ready for a complex tale, I HIGHLY recommend downloading from the “In Her Name” series: it’s where I began, and I absolutely love it!

Happy reading, and blessings to you all…

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