Hiking Wisdom…

I like to take our fuzzy fatso hiking with me at least once each week. It never seems to be on the same day. The trail is usually pretty populated by numerous hikers and their dogs. I love people watching, and (I’ll admit it) shamelessly eavesdropping while hiking. People tend to hike in pairs, and it’s interesting to hear what they talk about.

Things I learned on the trail today:

— when discussing future presidential elections, use the term “anti-christ” as frequently as possible
— talk baby talk to your dog as a form of motivational speaking (I do this one myself)
— no topic is off limits, no matter what (I don’t want to get into detail on that)
— no matter how rough the start of the day, nothing makes you feel better than ascending a mountain 🙂
— yoga poses are appropriate at any given moment (yep, sun salutations at the top of a mountain make for a pretty perfect moment)
— smile and greet everyone (we all do, and it’s really welcoming)
— look out for people running downhill, momentum plus gravity plus loose gravel…
— dogs are more direct than any human being: if they like what they see of your butt, you’re good people in their book
— there’s always more: more energy, more sunlight, more trails to explore
— my mati (Greek) can also be called a Hamsa (Persian? Maybe?)
— my dog misses her companion dog, and every time she sees a shepherd she gets really excited 🙁
— I am stronger than I was yesterday

It’s thankful Thursday. Blessings to you all…

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