Book Trailers…#MondayBlogs

Instead of a post about my experiences with creating a book trailer, I’d like to open this post up to conversation and tips tonight, if possible.

Here’s the thing: I have not created any book trailers, thus far. I watch other people’s book trailers, I’m curious and intrigued by the idea, and absolutely clueless about the ENTIRE process.

My marketing concept is based on my professional experience in the corporate world, and I believe it is a valid one: it’s not about selling, it’s about fulfillment. You do not just jump out into the world yelling “Buy my stuff!” That applies to everything – whether you are marketing books, or service contracts, or parts management in a heavy equipment dealership. Still, the book trailer idea sounds like it could be flat out fun.

So, writers, what are your thoughts? Do you have a book trailer (or more than one)? Pros? Cons? How have you seen your book sales increase as a result of your trailer? Or, has there been any shift with having a trailer at all? More questions that actual information today. 🙂

I know this is brief, but I’d love for you to share any links to your own trailers and give a bit of a view of the process in the comments section.

Happy #Monday to you all!

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