Writer Wednesday…Excerpt

Since it is Writer Wednesday, and I have been living in the editing phase of my life for several weeks, I thought I would share an excerpt from “Blessings.” In this scene, we meet one of my favorite characters. 😉 If you know me in real life, this will make perfect sense to you.

“Dad, you know you didn’t have to get me anything, right?”

Edward huffed. “You’ve been through too much. Seemed appropriate to give you a gift, the right gift.”

What was the right gift, Fin wondered.

When they reached his car, she had her answer.

“Dad, what IS that?”

“Finnie, that is your new companion.” Edward said proudly, reaching out to pick up the strangest looking puppy Fin had ever seen. “He’s a Scottish deerhound. They get very large, so he’ll rely on you for his exercise. And he’ll love you and watch over you, all the time. I wanted you to have that.” He pushed the bundle of wiry fur into his daughter’s arms.

Fin stared down into the puppy’s face and watched him yawn. He tapped her cheek with his paw, and then started squirming immediately. Fin knew she was a goner.

“Dad, I don’t know what to say.”

“Your mother and I told you we would come stay here with you. I still think that’s a better idea than you and Connie up here all alone. Or however you put it. But you insisted that you wanted things to go on as normally as possible, so I compromised. I bought you a dog.”

“He’s wonderful. Thank you, Dad.” Fin wrapped her arms around Edward’s waist and held on as she had when she was a little girl.

Connie’s reaction to the dog was comical. “Argh! What is that?” she cried when the puppy came tumbling into the kitchen with Fin and her Father.

“Our new housemate.” Fin said proudly.

“Oh, Lord. We have to housebreak a dog?!”

“I think that first we have to name him.”

The rest of that day passed in playing with the puppy, walking him outside very frequently to save the area rugs that were scattered across the lovely hardwood floors. Connie and Fin continued trying new names long after Edward had headed home.

“I still think Ralph would work.” Edward reiterated as he hugged Fin at the door.

“Ralph doesn’t give a dog like that one single scrap of dignity!” she laughed at him. “I’ll come up with something more…suitable.”

Connie was shaking her head at the counter. “Ralph? That puppy is going to be over 100 pounds, he’s a warrior, not someone named Ralph.”

“That’s it!” Fin laughed, embracing the older woman, “Connie, you are a genius. His name should be Mac Cuill!”

Connie could only stare at Fin as she said the Gaelic name.

“His name should be what?” she asked, puzzled.

“Mac Cuill was a king of Ireland: a warrior king. He shared the kingdom with his two brothers. I think I’ll call him Mac for short.”

Fin picked up the pup and carried him from the room.

I hope you’ve all enjoyed! Since I’ve been editing the sequel, I thought it would be fun to introduce the canine character of the series.

Blessings to you all…

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