Yes, But Am I “Real?” #MondayBlogs

Today, I’d like to tackle my very favorite question. When people ask what I do, and I tell them I am a writer, the usual follow up is:

“Are you a real writer?”

Um. Yes. I think so, yes. On other days, “no, I just quit. That gig is crazy!” On still other days, my sarcastic angel (see what I did there?) dons her lopsided halo and demands the opportunity to answer the question. 😉

It’s a funny question, though, and so subjective. What am I really being asked here? Are they asking if I self-publish or am traditionally published? Are they asking if I’m on the best seller list? Are they asking if I’m making a livable living from it?

And why would any of those potential answers make me less of a real writer?

From the writer who never wants a manuscript to see the light of day to the writer who publishes multiple bestsellers each year, we are all REAL writers. Some just happen to be more well known than others.

Keep being real writers, my friends!

Blessings and happy #Monday to you all…

Oh, and only 33 days to go. Yikes! 😀

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