There are days, and then there are DAYS!

I seem to be suffering from an invisibility problem this past week.

Believe it or not, this makes me think of when my children were babies and still breastfeeding. Instead of being the giver of nutrition, I was also the resident pacifier. I swore that nothing but my boobs existed at all. I was invisible. Just a walking binky.

This week, I have been waiting for someone to sit on me accidentally, a la “The Princess Diaries.” You know, they just “didn’t see you there” kind of stuff.

The fact that my children have had two three-day-weekends in a row could be contributing to this feeling, mind you. Perhaps a follow up post tomorrow, if I feel more visible by then.

Instead, I find myself thinking in terms of “Take No Guff” terms.

I will no longer:

– bite my tongue
– waste my time
– give in to the drama
– be manipulated
– be a doormat

– speak up for myself
– be assertive
– use this voice on the page more strongly
– set boundaries and enforce them
– remember that life is too short, and I’m already on my second start

Remember I said 2016 shouldn’t be shaped around resolutions, but instead around goals? Well, a marathon was one goal. Being the bad a** b*tch I am on the outside as well as in my introverted soul is a goal for the year.

So look out world. Taking names and taking no prisoners. Not anymore. It’s getting to hard to schlep all those prisoners around, anyway.

Blessings to you all. Go kick some ass today. And tomorrow.

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