The Line in the Sand…#MondayBlogs

It’s the point of no return.

It tells others what you will NOT tolerate.

It’s THE boundary.

So why on God’s green earth is this line drawn in the sand?!

Sand: easily blown around, washed away with rain or tide or a cooler full of water. If you build your house on a foundation of sand, it will not stand. So a boundary is supposed to be established in sand?

Someone, please direct me to the brilliant soul who decided that boundaries should be ever-shifting targets? That person needs to be slapped.

I would like to encourage every single person who has ever been a “people pleaser” (guilty! right here!) to draw their lines in something more solid. I have a chisel and a hammer. A slab of marble will do. Tablets, Moses style, would also work.

Go HGTV – draw that line in quartz or concrete or porcelain or granite or whatever solid substance you’d like. Just PLEASE, for the love of all that is holy, do not draw that line in something that will be unrecognizable after just a few hours.

Simple guidelines:
1. State boundary (translation: draw line.)
2. Enforce boundary (don’t let anyone cross the line.) Enforcement: say no, shout no, walk away, run away, wave a stop sign around, put your hand up in the “stop” motion, hang up the phone or slam the door or any other “do not cross the line” action you choose. Repeat as necessary.

It is crucial that you note that no one suggested here that you draw a movable line.

Your “no” renders you just as valuable as a judiciously given “yes.” You are under zero obligation to give your assent, or tacitly approve through lack of lines, anything that doesn’t ring true for you.

Line, yes. Sand, no.

Blessings to you all…

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