Perfectly Pleasing…#WWWBlogs

The nice girl: good manners, always a please; and thank you; and waiting her turn.

You could even say – biddable, a little timid, never intruding nor stepping on toes.

Waves are the enemy, and we should never make them. We learn that early.

To hold an opinion is to be a bitch.

And to lead is unfeminine.

We should never seek to be better than a man. We should never have the drive to have a thought or a space of our own.

Instead, we are meant to be perfectly pleasing. We are only dolls, ripe for the arranging,
to be manipulated.

Expectations are gauntlets. Challenges thrown at us.

It is time, past time, beyond time, a green flash on the horizon TIME – to throw the glove.

To hold power, no woman must unsex herself. No woman must become a man. She must simply become a new kind of nice girl:

perfectly pleasing to only herself.

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