Loosely Paraphrasing ~ #SundayBlogShare

I was reading this week about stepping outside of your comfort zone, and it made me think of the phrase “think outside the box.”

Just to give you a picture of the tangents that take place in my brain, that phrase made me think of something my dad occasionally says:

“What is this box? Who put me in it? I don’t want to be in a box!”

An instructor once told a class that oppression is what a society can inflict upon its members, while repression is always self-inflicted.

As with boxes and comfort zones, there is an expectation that people be/look/behave in a certain manner, but also the limits we place upon ourselves.

Those limits only hinder us.

So, leading into a new week, let’s find one self-limiting idea and work on eradicating that, shall we?

If you believed yourself to be without limitation, what would you do? Travel? Competition? A new job?

Please share in the comments below.

Happy Sunday!

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