Walkabouts and Holidays

The Tumor Raider and I snuck away for an early Valentine’s Day trip.

It’s been unseasonably warm here, so we headed for cooler temperatures in northern Arizona.

We wandered about during the days, visiting the Chapel of the Holy Cross on our first full day.

We spent an entire day on safari at Out of Africa, getting far closer to tigers than I ever imagined I would be. In fact, one of them liked us so very much, he decided we were part of his territory!

Before heading home, we visited the Grand Canyon, just to get a sense of perspective. 😉

They could roast me in a fireplace this size.

We finished our day at the Watchtower. We had fun taking photos from different heights.

That’s Lara waving up at me from a lower viewing area.

And that little dot by the ceiling is me grinning.

We came home rested and ready for more adventures.

Thanks for viewing the photos. I’m trying to get a little better with pictures – I managed not to include my thumb in the photos I took! Small victory!

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