Must Versus Should #wwwblogs

Every day is filled with all of the “shoulds” and “ought tos.”

  1. I should give more effort to work
  2. I should give more time to my children
  3. I should give more time to my health
  4. I ought to: earn more, do more, be more…

Sometimes I realize that, for all of my “shoulds” most of my time is spent on the “musts.”

Once upon a time, it amounted to “I must kick cancer’s ass.”

And I did.

But then it became, “I must get through chemo.”

And I did that, too.

But after all of that, what is the “must?”

I must enjoy the journey.

And I do.

But, I’ll tell you what! I got sick over the summer. We travelled, and my allergies kicked in. I’m allergic to Christmas trees. That’s the short version. So, allergies kicked in and I (predictably) got sick. A sinus infection and a lung infection later, and I haven’t been able to pull off a decent run since June.

JUNE, people!!!

Today was the first day I’ve run a five miler since June. I barely know who I am.

And it made me think.

When it comes to my health, what’s my “must?”

Because the obligation of “should” isn’t the meaning of life.

Just some thoughts for a Wednesday night.

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