One Decade

This is the day. 10 years ago today, my unwelcome hitchhiker was evicted from my body through major surgery. 10 years ago today, with the help and love of family and friends and incredible doctors, I threw the first punch in my fight to kick cancer’s ass. I won that fight, and I have 10 … Continue reading One Decade

Twisted #wwwblogs

Left to its own devices The tall tree Will find the sky Adapting to wind And storms In its own path Trunk and limbs Will dance and entwine Stronger together Than before While time smiles At this twisted beauty A survivor Here to stay - Caroline A. Slee

Hands #wwwblogs

It was nothing, at first A little less energy A little more illness Just another normal In a busy life It transformed To sickness A parade of hospitals And treatments With time passing onward Years were suspended A kind of in-between My body slowly returning An awkward perennial Trying to bloom again But damage was … Continue reading Hands #wwwblogs

Must Versus Should #wwwblogs

Every day is filled with all of the "shoulds" and "ought tos." I should give more effort to work I should give more time to my children I should give more time to my health I ought to: earn more, do more, be more... Sometimes I realize that, for all of my "shoulds" most of … Continue reading Must Versus Should #wwwblogs

Skin #wwwblogs

The hours we celebrate This skin that stretches around us Are fleeting at best And the years strip away What has been held before us As beauty We reach a finish line Barely even women anymore Unless we realize Each wrinkle Every scar And those deadly battles won Make us defiantly female Beyond the standards … Continue reading Skin #wwwblogs

Monsters and Death and All That Happy Stuff #wwwblogs

Moses is down for the count with this viral cold/flu nonsense that's been going around. So, when you're sick and all you can do is nap and lie around, you get to choose a movie around here. He chose to watch "A Monster Calls." I've discouraged both of the kids from watching this one. It … Continue reading Monsters and Death and All That Happy Stuff #wwwblogs

Learning to Love Again…#wwwblogs

That title is a "gotcha." If you're here for romance, run for it! 🙂 I have spent the last almost 6 years learning to love my body again. I grew up with all of the same pressures as every young woman in North America: the focus on appearance over substance, the messages that told us … Continue reading Learning to Love Again…#wwwblogs

Loving the Lows…#MondayBlogs

21 days until my #thisis40 moment. 🙂 Today, I'm thinking about our love story. Lara and I knew each other back in high school. We had mutual friends in common (as happens in a smallish high school), and so were familiar to each other. We didn't reconnect until I had already been given my cancer … Continue reading Loving the Lows…#MondayBlogs

Half of the Whole…#MondayBlogs

A couple of weeks ago, I made a decision. It was minor, as far as earth-shattering decisions go, but a big deal to me. I opted to switch my race from the whole marathon, to a half-marathon. As of September 5, I was finally given the all-clear to do resistance training and core work again. … Continue reading Half of the Whole…#MondayBlogs

The Tortoise…#MondayBlogs

I've started over: the week, the day, my training. I'm in a #MondayBlogs on a Tuesday, since it can't really be Tuesday, can it?