Monsters and Death and All That Happy Stuff #wwwblogs

Moses is down for the count with this viral cold/flu nonsense that’s been going around. So, when you’re sick and all you can do is nap and lie around, you get to choose a movie around here. He chose to watch “A Monster Calls.”

I’ve discouraged both of the kids from watching this one. It looked well made and well cast and kind of amazing, but I just thought…Nope! Not that movie.

If you haven’t seen it, the little boy’s mother has cancer. Moses has been absolutely insistent that he wants to see it, ever since it came out.

Gee, guess what movie I got to watch with my little sickie?

It was well done. I cried for nearly 2 hours, but it was a good film.

And then I thought of the toughest question both Moses and Maddie have ever asked me. Mind you, they each asked me at different times. When a question twists your guts up inside your body, it’s worth hearing twice! *just a touch of sarcasm there*

“Mom, are you going to die?”

Their entire personalities were evident in how each of them asked.

With Moses, it was matter-of-fact. When I explained to them that I had cancer, he asked if I was going to die. I said, “no,” and he said, “okay.” Then, he wanted to look at every scan and film we could to see how “cool” my bones and body looked. PET scans are a source of entertainment sometimes. 😉

With Maddie, she digested the news. She goes quiet when it’s something big. About a week after my diagnosis, we were getting Japanese take out. All at once, at the front of the restaurant, she bursts into sobbing tears and yells, “Mom, are you going to die?”

Even hearing the answer to the question earlier hadn’t satisfied her. She had to know for herself.

I hope I never have to be asked that question again by my children.

So, be warned: if you watch A Monster Calls, keep your tissues handy.

The world has many monsters, many of them coming from the truth of what is inside us.

Wishing you all blessings, and good health.

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