Why I Run.

I'm sore today. The funny thing is, today was a walking day. Well, mostly walking, just a short pace of running, and a nice walk followed by a good stretch. Mileage has increased. At the end of July my long run will pass marathon distance, so I don't hit the wall in the actual marathon. … Continue reading Why I Run.

A Clean Bill…#MondayBlogs

It's here! After five years of bubbling along saying #remissionrocks (and did it ever!) my 5 year anniversary has arrived, and I am fully cancer free! This is that magical event known as having a clean bill of health. From the fun and crazy lead up to that first surgery, in which some of you … Continue reading A Clean Bill…#MondayBlogs

It’s Only Hair, After All! #MondayBlogs

Hair bargaining through illness. It happens.

Beyond Babies…#MondayBlogs

When I was growing up, I thought I would never have children. It's not that I didn't want children. No, I had elaborate adoption plans - which baby at which of my ages/homes/etc. Labor and delivery? No way! No, thank you. Never going to happen. Things change. I went from that attitude, to the queen … Continue reading Beyond Babies…#MondayBlogs

Universal Reminders…#MondayBlogs

Universal, as in "from the Universe," as opposed to, let's say, something we ALL receive in the exact same way. I'm going for my oncology follow-up in 1 week. This is the usual look-see that my doctor has to verify that I am still in remission. Although I love hearing that I am (every single … Continue reading Universal Reminders…#MondayBlogs

Wellness Update and Book Hints…

So, as I mentioned a bit more than a week ago, I've been working diligently on "The Cancer-Free Trainer," a (sort of) sequel to "The Cancer-Free Gourmet." For those of you who have followed me for a while now, you probably know that my non-fiction comes from you. In other words, as other cancer patients, … Continue reading Wellness Update and Book Hints…

Work in Progress…#Gratitude

I usually try to post thankful Thursday topics on here. My gratitude today is twofold: first, I trusted my gut. Second, my gut has pushed me into writing my second non-fiction book. The first was "The Cancer-Free Gourmet," which was written to share my tips for cheating the havoc chemotherapy can wreak on your tastebuds. … Continue reading Work in Progress…#Gratitude

Carrying My Dog Through My Cancer…#MondayBlogs #ArchiveDay

We all know that pets can have a very therapeutic effect on their owners. There have been countless articles written on the subject, and many stories shared about how pets support the health of their owners. But, what about the health of our pets? How does our health affect our furry family members? This is … Continue reading Carrying My Dog Through My Cancer…#MondayBlogs #ArchiveDay

I Am Not Angelina Jolie…#MondayBlogs

Whether or not you believe that Angelina Jolie's recent health decisions were based in a huge marketing scheme for a gene patent, there is another side to the entire story. Actually, more than one "other side" to that whole story. This is just my experience, my side, of what can take place. I am just … Continue reading I Am Not Angelina Jolie…#MondayBlogs

Getting Back in the Saddle, with a Plea for Help…

Yep, I've been mostly mute this week. There were multiple things taking place that threw me off my emotional equilibrium. I tend to hunker down and ponder and analyze until I feel level again. 😉 One of those events I want to share with you here, today. For the purposes of this blog, I AM … Continue reading Getting Back in the Saddle, with a Plea for Help…