Loving the Lows…#MondayBlogs

21 days until my #thisis40 moment. 🙂

Today, I’m thinking about our love story.

Lara and I knew each other back in high school. We had mutual friends in common (as happens in a smallish high school), and so were familiar to each other. We didn’t reconnect until I had already been given my cancer diagnosis.

I often refer to that time as, “Love in the time of cancer,” or “Love in the time of chemo.” Somehow, during the MOST un-sexy time of my life, we managed to fall in love with each other. We did it all backwards and cockeyed, really. Usually, couples have quite a few years under their couply belt before the cancer diagnosis shows up. We started with the cancer diagnosis, and then started dating after chemo.

There was no chance to put my best (read: makeup and hair and clothes) foot forward in the traditional dynamic, wherein we treat a potential new relationship as some sort of bizarre job interview.

Beautifully, at what would have been my lowest point, I was given the most amazing gift, and so were my children. Yes, I had people jumping ship on me. Yes, this was a difficult time. Still, if you knew that what waited for you on the other side of disaster was love and health and joy, wouldn’t the suffering be worth it?

I don’t have to worry about my Tumour Raider freaking out in times of crisis – she’s a rock during the lows, and a rock during the highs and all the rest.

Someone once characterized dependability as being decidedly un-sexy, like my cancer self. I object. Knowing you are holding hands through the long haul is the sexiest and most beautiful thing in the world.

Blessings to you all. Happy Monday!

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