Afternoon Adventures…

So, I have these sliding glass doors.  Multiple locks, plus dowel type rods, just to be safe.

I accidentally knocked the rod down into the track!

Here I was, locked into my sunroom, the entire outdoors at my disposal.  :/  Didn’t bring my phone out with me, or else I could have called my spare key holders to come save me.  Have any of you ever noticed that the second it’s inconvenient, you just suddenly REALLY need to pee?

I spent a few minutes glaring at the dowel.

This did nothing.  Apparently, telekinesis is not one of my talents.

It had landed at an angle, so the door could open a bit.  The gap was about the size a child could get through.  Then I thought, well, I’ve lost weight and keep scaring my doctor with how skinny I am, maybe I can fit through it?!

My concern was: can I fit through there with implants?  Really, this feels like some sort of alternate reality these days! 🙂

I am still flexible, I am happy to report.  And skinny.  And able to twist myself through the eye of a needle, too, at a guess.  I made it back into the house, and I am now sprawled, writing to you all, feeling the bruises blossoming on my backs and ribs — NOT on the implants though, so HA!

Thought I would share the silliness…


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