Teenage Wasteland…I’m a Bit Confused

Today’s topic is serious. Really, it is! Just keep in mind that my world view is based on being a people watcher. So I’m not passing judgments here, I am seriously asking questions.

We live near a town that is considered “trouble.” A half hour drive gets us there, so it’s not as if it’s the very next neighborhood over, but it’s considered as part of this Valley. Anyway, this town has been shaped (in part) by the prison relocation system of a neighboring county. Many paroled gang members were relocated, in order to get them away from the community in which they had been involved in gangs.

I think this is a beneficial idea, if only because so many times young people have told me that they have had to “quit” their friends in order to make positive changes. The idea may have gone a bit awry as it looks like too many parolees were relocated: the gangs reformed.

So now that you have the background, here comes the confusing part. It seems like some sort of opposite day is going on over there. I understand that gangs can offer family, security, and support to young people who don’t have anywhere else to turn. BUT, strangely enough, some of the younger Mexican Americans over there are becoming…White Supremacists. Uh, what? The history buff in me is dying: racial supremacy is just a terrible thing, in my opinion, but to become a member of that particular group – enabling the oppression of all people of color, when you are one??? I’m so confused. Maybe I’m getting old, maybe it isn’t the scary white skinhead thing it was when I was little. I don’t know. I don’t follow the news any more than I feel is necessary to be a socially responsible member of my community. There must be nuances that I’m missing. (By the way, if anyone can explain the logic in the above to me, I’d appreciate it.)

Also, there was a gang that was primarily a motorcycle gang (at least it was once upon a time), that now seems to just be a gang… When did the Vagos stop being motorcycle people? They made Hell’s Angels look very very peaceful.

So, confused youth. I know I focus on what must seem to be very arbitrary details. The reality is that all I can do is my very best to live a good life, to raise my children to be upright individuals, and pray for those who seem to have lost their path for a while. It is never too late for redemption. It is never too late to begin to lead the life you want to live.

Darker subjects, and random questions, I know.

Love and light and blessings to you all…

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