Wednesday – Pinterest in Action!

So much fun! I often say that I am not crafty. I knit. I write. That’s it. Not that I am putting myself down, I just really never fail to be extremely impressed by people who can come up with amazing visual presentations from simple materials.

I had the opportunity to go to craft stores and beauty stores and thrift shops with my sis.

We put some pinterest into play, and reorganized scarves and tank tops and totally opened up more space in our bureaus here. She showed me different pins she had selected for her house. Every single pattern and plan was so straightforward. Attainable.

And I started to think: when did I stop sewing? Once upon a time I used to quilt, and even made my own clothes at times. Not only when, but WHY, did I stop?

So, tonight, while relaxing with Flashpoint on Netflix, I’ll be back to working on my afghan. I’ve slacked off on the knitting lately. I’m going to explore my hands-on, creative side.

A quiet night, and I’m sure most of this may sound extremely dull to many people, but I’m nesting and loving every minute!

Blessings and contentment to you all…

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