Writer Wednesday – Sara Kocek

Today’s writer is Sara Kocek, who is an author and editor from Texas. She also is married to a high school friend of mine, which is how I heard about her YA novel “Promise Me Something.”

If I had to sum up Sara Kocek’s writing in one word, that word would be: FEARLESS.

“Promise Me Something” addresses the social pressures most high school students face: the desire for acceptance, the attempt to do what is right vs. what is wrong, all the myriad careless or deliberate ways we can bully each other, or be bullied. The social crowds in this book reminded me very much of high school back when I attended, and the themes were very recognizable to me, as an adult. For my daughter, who’s right on the edge of 13, this book was a complete and total eye-opener. She and I both read it in one evening, and couldn’t stop talking about it.

I then went on to recommend it to some of my mom friends, as their daughters are preparing for high school with my own.

This debut novel is such a strong story, right out of the gate, that I can hardly wait to read every single word Sara Kocek publishes from here on out.

To order “Promise Me Something” please click on this link:


To read more about Sara herself, you can visit her website at http://www.sarakocek.com

I have to add a special thank you here to Sara’s husband, Chris, for telling us all about this book. 🙂

Happy reading, and blessings to you all…

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