From the Remission Trenches…

Well, menopause. It’s the elephant in the room sometimes. I’m sure no one really looks forward to menopause, but I have to say it isn’t as bad as I’d have thought.

My feet are warmer
My hands are not ice blocks
I finally gained 10 damn pounds (up to a whopping 112, but hey, at least I don’t look like a toothpick anymore haha)
I do not miss my period

Phew those hot flashes! (Black cohosh, tea or supplements, helps immensely)
The blues (Physical activity and specific nutrition to boost dopamine)
Fluctuating energy levels – hey, those hormones can play some crazy games.

So, from the trenches, here’s my advice for those of you shifting through these fun changes (whether medically, or as nature takes its course):
Find a physical activity you enjoy, and set a schedule for getting out there and doing it regularly.
Eat plenty of blueberries, lean protein, leafy greens, bananas, salmon, for starters.
Drink TEA! Green, black cohosh, white tea, alternate between water and tea during the day.
Alkalize – green drinks, alkaline water, any way you can to help your body to not be an acidic environment.

Overall, menopause isn’t the dreaded “I’m out of estrogen and I have a gun” rollercoaster that it was rumoured to be.

Happy health, and blessings to you all.

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