Every single one of us – writer, reader, or neither – has multiple tasks to accomplish each day. Most of the time, those tasks seem to be compartmentalized based on identity: there are mom/dad tasks, work tasks, maid tasks (haha), head chef tasks (another ha), chauffeur, etc. The list can go on. I’ve noticed, much like the phrase “think outside the box,” we tend to keep those compartments as separate and defined as possible by wearing one “hat” at a time.


I know that studies have shown that multi-tasking isn’t an efficient method of accomplishing anything, but I’m not suggesting that we multi-task. I’m wondering why we have separate identities based upon activity.

Who I am as a mother, writer, partner, director of sales and marketing, friend, daughter, homeowner, future bridezilla (bwahahahaha) – it’s all of a piece. It is all me. One whole person, with many facets. And I’m advocating that, not only should we stop trying to compartmentalize, our personhood was never meant for such boundaries.

We are limitless, in every facet: a spectrum of moods and gifts and talents and foibles and quirks. Each of our facets come with us into every activity we pursue – professional or personal – and should be celebrated, not broken apart.

Food for thought for #MondayBlogs. Now, please excuse me while I find an outfit to coordinate with all of these hats. 😉

Blessings to you all!

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