Abundance ~ #MondayBlogs

It’s October! My birthday falls on Halloween, and the wedding is only 40 days out. It’s also Breast Cancer Awareness month. For the most part, our focus is so much on the “today” factors – “is a 9 inch plate big enough?,” the landscapers grading the yard (you know, since we are getting married in the yard in 40 days! Argh!) as well as the homework help, mommy-chauffeuring, normal daily life that we haven’t done anything in terms of fundraising or benefits for breast cancer so far.

I think that this year I’d like us to just go visit Gilda’s Club with some freshly baked goodies and maybe donate some beanies. Those were perfect when I went through the bald months.

The richness of my life today, the abundance of joy and fulfillment, came about as a result of that sharp turn. My dad would call it the “beyond plan B” part of life: the meat of what makes life what it is. I tend to simplify and call it all blessings.

Even if it can be disguised as a curse like Cancer – it’s a blessing, in an unusual form. It’s an opportunity to fight, to triumph, and to emerge with greater strength and far less fear.

What will you be doing to celebrate this month? And how will you share that joy?

Random thoughts for a Monday evening. Blessings to you all!

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