Friday Philosophy…Deja Vu

There are days when it all just flows together, like a stream rolling along with no impediment. There are other days when that flow is crashing into rocks and roaring past them.

On either of those days, doesn’t it just feel as though the moment you’re in has already happened some other time?

Deja Vu.

I’m not the only one experiencing it a lot these days. I’ve seen more comments and posts lately about deja vu from all sorts of different people whose words I read.

What is it? Why does it happen? I could go technical here, with brain hemispheres and yada-la-di-da, but – let’s face it – I just don’t want to think of it that way. 🙂

“It’s jamais vu. The French opposite of deja vu where everybody is a stranger no matter how well you think you know them.” ~ Chuck Palahniuk

“These moments of deja vu may very well be your soul sending you clues on how to handle the challenges taking place in your current life.” ~ Deborah King

“Deja vu comes from the spirit, not the human brain…” ~ Sandy Andrew

“This is Deja Vu… It is your non-physical and non-corporeal consciousness (soul) recognizing itself to be in the same place in time and space that it was in the ‘past’. Only your soul can experience Deja Vu, as it is a spiritual emotion situated outside of your physical body, and beyond the 3rd and 4th dimension.” ~ David Icke

“I stood at the edge of the sea, and felt deja vu pulling me –
it lifted me beyond myself –
to a home I had lost –
a life that was no longer mine.” ~ Caroline A. Slee

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