25 Days…

In my head, “The Final Countdown” is playing. But not the version I passively listened to during childhood swim team practices. Nope, I’ve got the hilarious commercial going through my head.

Don’t worry, I can share that soundtrack with you. 😉

And, no, Geico is not paying me for this. (Perhaps they should be? Hello, Geico?)

25 days to go until #thisis40.

Today, I went back to an activity I haven’t done since right before my breast cancer diagnosis: lifting weights at the gym. I would love to say that my former boss, Lance Dreher, would have been proud. I’m not too sure that would really be true, though. I did one of his preferred PHA programs – in case you don’t know, that’s Peripheral Heart Action. It’s a super efficient way to workout when you don’t have the most time. Simply put, it’s weightlifting with aerobic benefit. You move from upper to lower body with no rest between, lighter weights, higher reps. It seemed like a gentle way to get back to it.

Hahahahahahahaha! Gentle, my ass! (That part of me also making its objections known already.)

I thought I’d be terribly sore after my half-marathon, but that was mild. In this case, I don’t even have to wait for tomorrow to set in to feel how sore I am. Geez.

Talk about a re-assessment of some health and fitness goals! But, hey, I have a tiny bit more than 3 weeks before #thisis40, which happens to be just enough time to establish a new healthy habit.

A rambling bit of silliness here for the night, and sharing my whining.

Blessings to you all!

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