Shadows #MondayBlogs

There are no more empty halls
The spaces are filled
With the steps that passed
In some indistinct “before”

A soft-focus world
asking us to turn away from truth
a reality television lens
to drag us into shadows

Somewhere a ghost
is rattling chains
and suffering something deeper
than this human experience

And every wound we inflict
upon each other is a scar
tracing its way along walls
shivering beneath wallpaper and paint

All along we ignore the memory
fogging the windowpanes
echoing with laughter long dead
from lips that haven’t whispered in generations

Blood runs true
no matter how shadowed it has become
with the passing of days
and the icing over of hearts

We shield our eyes
we seek to see beyond:
beyond these rooms, and these years
beyond a veil we’re told is there

Wanting nothing more
than to tear apart the obscurity
that turns our gazes opaque
that willful blindness

Being chased by the mad and the reckless
careless of the cost
ignorant of consequence
hungering for a destruction

a thousand deaths in a breath
and a world enveloped
in a shadowy nothingness
created with our own brutal kindnesses ~ Caroline A. Slee

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