It brings the parade

Of all the Greek suffixes

“The study of…”

As though I am a faulty machine

A misfiring engine to be corrected

It brings the experiment

First one medicine and then the next

And then the answer


To continue all

As my dreams are broken

By lungs screaming

As my days are punctuated

By slow suffocation

As I wait

I wait

For ears to listen

And scientific minds to seek an answer

Not the stopgap

Of drowning every fourth hour

Or remaining upright

While my body seeks rest

But, no – I must become

The physician

To heal myself

Where others will not

No matter their years of study

No matter their specialty


In the end, it is the poet

The writer

The lover of language

Who must find the solution

And the medicine

To heal – Caroline A. Slee


3 thoughts on “Asthma

    • I totally know how you feel! Your post was an excellent description – and it brought me back to what this felt like as a child. Hugs to you, and well wishes for this very crazy time. Stay healthy and safe, and thank you for your comment. 💗

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