The skies beckon to us all

That we may rise to new heights

Drawn ever upward

Answering a tidal call

To forget our tasks for just a little while

And dance across the air

Into the moonlight’s embrace

It is time to let go

Of worry and spite

To no longer be weighed down

But instead to move onward

With love and with light

Into blessings that await

I dream of moonlight

Of peace and of calm

As the world tumbles

Further into madness

And my heart aches

For all the words falling unheard

For the hurts that remain invisible

As we hold to the notion

That one man will forge a path

And save us from ourselves

The moon flies far

Still higher and away

As the world stays blind

To that shining light

We turn to the darkness

We linger in the mud

Forgetting and forgotten

By all that is bright ~ Caroline A. Slee

Of Moonlight

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