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When you are drunk
on your so-called power
and the lies you stole
from the greatest liar of all
we can see you
exactly as you are

The pain of grief will shift
into acceptance
in its natural cycle
and the “you” who once was
will be mourned, so long gone
and the chapter will be closed

Spite is a poor master
and he will leave you
out in the cold
as you make your bed
of rocks and rage
and wait for it to bring you joy

And our light
will never be dimmed
by the darkness
you love so deeply
your hatred falling harmless
against our strength
and our heart

There is a beast
that overtakes the soul
sinking poison into those it possesses
it casts its shadow
amongst its slaves
when their humanity is gone

We stand impervious
we stand in shock
witness to a battle
we did not know you fought
whispering our rebuke
against the monster you have become

Standing fast
against your darkness
safe from all of your harm – Caroline A. Slee


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