To have it all we first must know

that our all is unseen and unsung

the labors overlooked and taken for granted

deemed to be of little value

to have it all we still must know

that our words will go willfully unheard

that consent is a fragile grace

and will be ignored – not once in a lifetime

but consistently

to have it all we understand we will be doing it all

without equal share or recognition

or recognized ownership of our results

and in the myth of all we learn

all of the voices we do not need

all of the people who weigh us down

until we cast them off like the dead weight they are

as they lament all they have lost

unwilling to do their share – Caroline A. Slee

Women can have it “all.” That all is whatever we want it to be. But first we must be willing to do it all, every single thing, without credit or help. My thoughts after a restless night of strange dreams. Blessings to you all – CAS

The Myth of All

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