My next blog today will have some pictures from this past weekend, and I need to lay a bit of groundwork here briefly.

I jokingly call my better half, Lara Croft the Tumour Raider.  This is actually a funny on a couple of levels, really.  Of course there is the humorous take on the Tomb Raider (and I wouldn’t put it past MY Lara to be kicking butts and taking names), but the twisted humor (hey, this is me after all) goes a bit deeper.

I was in a destructive relationship when I first became ill, as those of you who know me in real life are already aware.  The subtext of that is the fact that I felt I was facing two kinds of cancer: the cancer growing within my body, and the tumour that was walking around my house on two legs (strange tumour description, I know).  Feel free to insert your Arnold Schwarzenegger accent talk here. 🙂  Several of my friends staged a relationship “intervention” back in those days (I love each and every one of you for helping me pull my head out of my, well, you know) and they were shocked by my admission, “I know! I know!  She’s a tumour, she’s making me just as sick as my disease.”  Oddly enough, at that time, Lara was the one cautioning patience and tolerance in dealing with the tumour (the bipedal one, that is).  Of all my friends, she was the only one who was presenting the other side of the argument – my ex-girlfriend’s side.  And she always had wisdom in her words.  She was the one who didn’t take sides, as so many do in a break up.  She was honest, and acted with integrity.  Are any of you surprised that I fell in love with this beautiful, amazing woman?

Because of that mental label for that old relationship, I giggle just a bit harder over Lara Croft, Tumour Raider.  Not only did she help me with the actual cancer, she helped me get steady on my feet again after that relationship.

So, I will present some pictures, so hopefully you will all share in the humor with me.

Blessings, always…

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