My Dinah Shore Weekend…

I keep meaning to post this blog, and then forgetting about it!  Maybe those medications still are wreaking some havoc with my poor brain, haha.

So, this past weekend was Dinah Shore here in the local vicinity.  The golf tournament has been changed to the “Nabisco Kraft Championship” so that Dinah’s name no longer appears, but I still call it the Nabisco Dinah Shore.

For those of you who do not know about this, along with the golf tournament is a weekend long pool party type of event.  It is the largest gathering of lesbian’s worldwide, every year.

I have attended the golf tournament many, many times.  The pool party?  Never.

Why not?

I do my own family based type of thing for Dinah Shore.

First of all, I can’t afford the sunburn or the massive alcohol consumption that seems to occur over the weekend.  Everyone parties it up together, no matter age, creed, color, etc.  When I was 21, I may have been able to keep up.

I take that back, even when I was 21 I was a lightweight.  🙂

Last year, my Dinah Shore weekend was actually a little slice of peace in the midst of the chaos and nightmare taking place around my babies and I.  The kids and I gardened, and cuddled, and did family movie night.  We loved it.

This year, my Lara and my kiddos and I had movie nights, and picnics, and days at the park together.  Again, Heaven.

We are homebodies around here.  Friends and acquaintances often wonder if we feel like we are missing out on the social events that take place for women like us.

We don’t.  We really don’t.  Even as our friends and acquaintances post their photos from their weekend, we are happy for them – and still don’t feel we missed anything.

We have everything we need right here – both at home – and in our small circle of family friendly couples.  🙂  Our activities are quiet, and may not seem particularly exciting when compared to Club Skirts and the celebratory events taking place, but they leave us with a quiet glow of contentment.

We are so blessed.  Blessings to you all, again today!


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