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A fellow blogger, healthyfrenchie ( has issued an “Adventurous April” challenge, in which we should all try one new thing per week in the month of April.  For the first week, I have chosen bee pollen as my new thing to try.  At this very moment, I am sitting here testing my tolerance to it by dissolving granules under my tongue.  Lara Croft, Tumour Raider, is doing this with me.  What can I say?  Love helps you do wild things, crazy things, or simply try new things.  🙂

According to it is important to see if you have any adverse reaction to bee pollen.  My first granule was fine, my next two were fine, now I am up to three.  It is high in vitamin B, and is reported to help with all manner of health issues — including the physical toll chemotherapy takes on a body.

I also find it tastes pretty darn good!

When I purchased this local bee pollen yesterday (see Farmer’s Market as play date for children haha), I also purchased local honey (wildflower, to help with allergies) at the same time.  I like honey, and I am a tea drinker, so honey in my tea feels like comfort food to me.

Among Bee Pollen‘s numerous health benefits are:

— the fact that it is chock full of vitamins, minerals, proteins, etc.  Very nutrient rich food.

— it is a germ killer, and strengthens the immune system (yes, please!)

— it is said to increase energy and strength (but there is no concrete measurement of exactly how much it augments these.  Perhaps I should be a case study?)

— it fights free radicals, which can damage cells and create a mutation known as cancer

— and, excitingly enough, it helps smooth wrinkles and improve skin’s appearance by helping keep us young (thank you bee pollen, I think I can avoid the botulism toxin known as botox)

This all sounds great to me, so here’s my first week of April Adventures!  For the second week, I haven’t devised a plan yet, but I am open to suggestions.  Most of what I can do involves meditation, eating, etc. and not as much in the exercise department as I am still supposed to be “easing back into” things.  The last medical estimate I received on my recovery?  One year.  At least.  Might as well make it an entire transformation then, right?

Blessings to you all…

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  1. BEFORE I FORGET — I MUST GIVE CREDIT WHERE CREDIT IS DUE! Please visit for more information on the challenge to try something new each week during the month of April. 🙂 There are contests as well!

    • Thank you for the extra info! I love artichokes, so that addition to rebuilding this body of mine definitely won’t be a hardship at all. Tumeric I will have to try (possibly for this April adventure) as I keep reading about it, but haven’t explored it myself…yet.
      I am going to go check out the other piece on bee pollen right now. Have a great night, and thank you again.

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  3. Not @truthgladiator Not every mixture for prsoecsing Bee Pollen is useful! That’s way many companies keep their recipes top secret. However, the distinguished authority in that area, dr Stoimir Mladenov, gives simple recipe/solution mix Bee Pollen with yogurt (because of lactic acid and lactic-acid enzymes/fermentation). Other authors suggested water + raw lemon juice (because of citric acid).

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