Here’s the Thing…

I have a thing.  No, not a David Hasselhoff thing.  I have a thing.  Literally a thing – it’s on my upper chest by my collar bone.

Two months ago I suddenly had what appeared to be a scratch.  The skin wasn’t broken, it was just a red line/splotch “thing.”  I have a thing.

I figured it would go away.  Yep, I figured.  Here I am, two months later, and there it is still on my chest.  Just this red line/splotch thing.  And now I can’t see anything but that mark.  :/

I left a message for the doctor last week (I think it was last week, the days are blurring together on me haha).  No response.  I called the dermatologist today, explained who I am, what is happening, and when I was originally referred to their office (September).  The sweet lady on the phone informed me that this is a whole new issue, and therefore requires and whole new referral.  Can I call my GP?  Nope, I have to call the oncologist.  Okay.  I call the oncologist and speak to the most awesomely efficient front desk lady, C.  She never fails to get things done.  🙂  I explain everything to her (God love her, she doesn’t rush me along).  She is puzzled because my referral was just in September and it should still be valid for an office visit.  Nonetheless, she is on a mission to get the office manager, R, to go ahead and send in another referral so I don’t just sit here this way.  Love them.  Then, I call my case manager to let her know what’s going on so she can keep on top of it, too.  For kicks, I decided to schedule my dentist’s appointment and a new physical/review with my GP.  Why not?  I’m already on the phone with a billion physicians.

Fear is a funny thing.  After this past year, and even with my mostly positive attitude, I still get scared.  I’m scared that it might all come back.  I don’t give in to the fear, but it still pops up to remind me of its presence here and there.  I take that back, not here and  there: it’s on my upper chest.  It’s a mysterious, non-healing mark.  I want it gone.

Don’t worry – in a few hours this will be a stand up comedy routine.  This is me, after all.

Blessings to you all…

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  1. It’s great that you have such a great team at your oncologist. I cannot imagine what you went through and the fear you must feel I’m sure it’s nothing though. All the best

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