Medical Grand Finale…

That’s right.  You heard/read it here first:  I.  Am.  Free!

Free as a bird. Footloose and fancy.  All those good things.  🙂

On Monday, my plastic surgeon released me from his care – one year until I have to follow up with him, yay!!!!

On Tuesday, my GP released me to SLOWLY return to work – and I don’t have to go back to see him until May of 2013!!!!!

I have gone from five doctors (three surgeons), to one doctor – my tough guy oncologist and his totally awesome dog.  The dog should be there for my next office visit, hopefully.  I look forward to my visits with the canine member of the staff as much as I look forward to hearing that I am still in remission.

I have more updates, of course, but wanted to quickly share the highlights with you!
Blessings to you all…

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