Product Review – FitBit Force

Here it is, my review of my new fitness “gadget.”

Overall, I have to say I’m thrilled. 🙂 The FitBit Force is easy to set up, and very user friendly. I especially like that it monitors the quality of my sleep, since I tend to wake up around 4:00 a.m., I feel better knowing that I had at least six hours in a comatose style sleep.

My parents and I are all on each other’s “Friends” list, enabling us to see each other’s daily steps. We can then cheer, taunt, or message each other through the app on the iphone.

The FitBit enables me to enter my daily food intake, and water consumption, thereby alleviating the need for a food journal. I can also enter other fitness activities into the app, so if I hit the pool and swim a mile – even though I can’t wear my FitBit while swimming – I can enter time and exertion level.

I do think it overstates how many calories are being burned through an activity. The general rule of thumb I learned when I was a trainer was that one mile equals about 100 calories. According to my FitBit, I’ve only travelled 2 1/2 miles today, but I’ve burned about 1,000 calories doing so. And, no, in case you were wondering – no stair climbing was involved in today’s activities. It’s Sunday, we just took a nice stroll through the park with our nervous wreck of a dog.

Yesterday, on my hike with the kiddos, my FitBit estimated the mountain climb as the equivalent of climbing 67 flights of stairs. That was extremely motivational!

All in all, I would highly recommend this product for individuals working to be more conscious of their daily activity levels and become more fit. Also, if you’re using a FitBit, please send me a message or comment, and I’ll try to find you on the app so we can then cheer each other on (or taunt each other, your choice, haha) as we all work to be stronger and healthier.

Five stars from me for this nifty little thing.

Happy Sunday, and blessings and health to you all!

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