Digging Deep, for Thankful Thursday…

Due to a bureaucratic glitch, I have spent today running around, filling out forms, and essentially accomplishing what felt like very little. I was agitated, frustrated, and finally ended all of that with a bout of hysterical laughter. It was a stretch, but laughter is laughter and it does work!

I’m writing this in hopes that you all have had a very peaceful Thursday. I’ve been seeing a lot of “throwback Thursday” photos on social media, and I discovered I just don’t have many photos of myself from Junior High and Elementary School. I considered driving everyone on my Facebook page up the wall and posting an old music video, but my daughter talked me out of it.

Since I like to comfort myself with children’s literature, I thought I would share a little quote about gratitude from one of my favorites:

“Piglet noticed that even though he had a Very Small Heart, it could hold a very large amount of Gratitude.” ~ A. A. Milne

For now, I’m so grateful for my pajamas, my comfy bed, and the fact that tomorrow is Friday.

Sweet dreams, and blessings to you all…

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