Writer Wednesday – Chris Rafferty, Screenwriter

I am so fortunate to know some extremely talented people! Chris Rafferty just so happens to be one of them, luckily for me. While I was sick, Chris was looking for people to volunteer to read one of his screenplays.

People, I was totally hooked! I am sure I drove him crazy with my nearly constant demands for more. He creates such vivid scenes, and brings his characters to life with such truth and personality that I feel I have met them.

Chris started interviewing for some Writer’s Workshops at different networks. For those, he wrote script for shows currently on the air, as opposed to shows that were purely from his imagination. I was AMAZED! The way in which he adopted the style of “Walking Dead,” and “Castle” just left me wishing the networks could produce his episode.

I am thrilled to say that you may all soon be seeing his work, because he is currently in the Warner Bros. Writer’s Workshop! His bio is here:


He’s been working on an episode of “Justified,” which is one of my guilty pleasures. Amusingly enough, one of our fellow university alumni is IN Justified. I love it when the world turns out to be comfortingly small.

If any of you have the time, you can check out Chris’ website as well. I know this isn’t the same as a book review, but I want to feature a different writer each week – and I refuse to limit myself to one genre. 😉


Happy Wednesday, and blessings to you all…

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