Tuesday Thoughts…What’s In the Blood

I read an article once that we are, each of us, more than our genetics.

That statement is a gift to someone like me. 🙂 Since my genetics include a mutation that has a high risk of breast cancer, I like to think that that cellular data can be overcome – especially by my children.

I remember so many people talking, once upon a time, about generational curses. My understanding was always that this was a “sins of the father” type of thing. I don’t really hold with that, either. I’m awfully contrary today.

That said, slow questions have begun to trickle in about why I would call my series the “Blood Curse” series.

I don’t believe the “extra” talents my characters have are a curse. The envy and enmity attracted by those gifts are the curse – not the things that make my characters innately who they are.

After that, I don’t exactly have a great thought that pertains to this topic in the form of a quote. Instead, I will share a quote I like to go back to now and again:

“Write down who you were, who you are, and what you want to remember.” ~ Natalie Goldberg

Blessings to you all…

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