Elevating the frequency – with laughter…

We have a whiteboard on on our fridge.

When the New Year started, my daughter thought we should do a “drawing of the day.” She and my son are very artistic. The Tumor Raider and I? Not so much. There are maybe 3 things I can draw, and then we’re down to plain old doodles.

So, on the second time around, I put a quote. I thought I could give them something uplifting to read before school/work each morning.

That first day, I wrote, “Ask. Believe. Receive.” They really liked it.

That night, my son did a quote. He chose a quote from Jim Gaffigan’s Hot Pocket comedy routine. After that, my daughter shared a Grumpy Cat quote. This morning, it was my turn again.

“My dear friend, clear your mind of ‘can’t.'” ~ Samuel Johnson

No response. They read it – I watched them read it. No comment at all. Lara missed it, as she was in a rush, and I didn’t think anything more.

Right up until I went to start dinner tonight.

Where I had written the quote, I discovered an addendum at the bottom of the white board.


Samuel Jackson!!! I started laughing so hard, everyone came running. The entire quote has a very new meaning when framed that way.

Your laugh for the day. “I thought it said Samuel Jackson so I was waiting for the rest of the story.”


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