Mercury Retrograde…#MondayBlogs

First of all, I never actually know when Mercury is in retrograde. Usually, this sort of mayhem sets in, and lasts long enough that I finally voice the question, “what on Earth is going on these days?” Then, some kind soul will tell me in an offhanded way that Mercury is in retrograde.

So it should all make sense.

This morning, I woke up in high anxiety. By that, I mean pounding heart, breathlessness, the fierce debate as to whether I was having a heart attack. I haven’t had a panic attack in a while here, so the experience took a minute to analyze.

Not my awakening of choice, let me tell you. But, the day must go on, and believe you me this day was packed full!

By the time I was voicing our first webinar’s intro this morning, I quipped “welcome to our Mercury retrograde Monday.” Tonight, I thought about that joke and wondered…so I headed to my friend Google to discover that YES, Mercury is in retrograde.

Somehow, that is a little bit of comfort to me.

A survival kit:
– don’t make plans that you’d prefer to see set in stone
– the time you devote to self care? Try to double it.
– leave home MUCH earlier than you think you need to, you’re going to run late 😉
– Speak less, listen more
– Write more, and be prepared to edit twice as much
– try to get extra sleep, for the running around after spilled milk

And, always, always, always, LAUGH.

This post has been an unusual public service announcement. I’ll be hiding here behind my monitor until this season of upheaval and chaos has passed (only a few more days). Trust me, it will save lives. 🙂

Happy #Monday, and blessings to you all…

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