Learning to Love My Resting B*tch Face…#MondayBlogs

Runner’s World magazine would call this my “running b*tch face,” but that’s not the face I’m talking about today.

No, today I am focusing on my resting bitch face. Yes, you read that correctly. 🙂

When I was little (think elementary school age, not my chronic vertical challenge) someone told me that my face looks too serious or mad when I’m not smiling. Being a “people pleaser” as a child, this left me feeling an inordinate amount of pressure to smile. All. The. Time. Years passed, and I switched from competitive swimming to competitive running. I never once considered the fact that my competitive face, my tunnel vision focus face, would look like bitch face. So, a photo ended up in the high school yearbook – me, onto mile 2 (I think), staring off into the distance. The response from some was that my facial expression was too aggressive, too mean. Even as a teenager, it didn’t occur to me that the expectation of a mild and pleasant expression during a long distance race was completely bonkers. Nor did it occur to me that I was associating with the wrong people, perhaps.

Flash forward. I’m 39. When I run, I’m concentrating. When I write, I’m concentrating. Outside of the fact that one of my eyebrows elevates, I have the full on bitch face effect.

And so what?!

I’m not sure when my face became public domain: something to be arranged and rearranged for the comfort and joy of others. I’m home alone, writing at this moment, and I can assure you that my natural expression is neither a scowl nor a smile.

Somehow, as women, we are judged for this. I suppose a man who went through his day with a perpetual smile would be judged as well, but no where do I see anyone thinking it is remotely acceptable to tell him HOW he should look.

I love my resting bitch face. When my other half catches it in photos, I laugh. I’ve learned to relax, and stop working to please people. My face isn’t here to make you feel happy. It’s my face. You can always look away.

Happy #Monday, and blessings to you all. Live comfortably in your bitch face. 😉


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