Implementation, What a B****! #MondayBlogs

It’s that time of year again, folks: the “quick, let’s make a resolution because it’s almost a new year!” time of year.

Somewhere I once read that the best business to own would be a gym that is a full-fledged gym for the first two weeks of January, and then a bar (or pastry shop!) for the rest of the year.

As writers, we all set goals as well. And we buy into the New Year’s Resolution crap just as much as the next guy. Don’t get me wrong, setting goals and making resolutions are a great thing! But the implementation of the steps on the way to those goals is a real pain in the ass.

But why is this true?

If you study business at all (and, as a writer, let me encourage you to do so, because you ARE a business AND an artist), you will find that we creative types are not alone in our difficulties here. Corporations have trouble implementing strategy and change, so set your mind at ease on that at least: there is nothing wrong with you.

Often, what is lacking when it comes to implementation is one simple ingredient: understanding.

So, you’ve set some goals for your writing in the new year. WHY are those your specific goals? If your goal is to write a certain word count each day, okay, why that word count? Is it on one project? Multiple projects? Is it just a step to form a new daily writing habit? Whatever this answer may be (and there is absolutely no wrong answer here), you need to know it. If you don’t know the “why” then what the hell is the point of the goal?

Okay, you’ve set a goal, and you know why you have set this goal. You’re sailing along through 2017, and staying on track. Do you just go through the entire year? I would say no! Revisit the goal, check in with yourself, and see if you can squeeze more out of that goal than you thought you could, especially if this stretch satisfies your “why” even more.

What if the goal isn’t working at all? Regroup, my dears! Regroup and assess it: why isn’t it working? Is there something that would work more? The point of goals is NOT to leave you feeling like a failure! Goals are supposed to be attainable (just ask Ron Slee). 🙂

How many goals should you have? As many as you want. Look, none of us are flat, two-dimensional beings. We have facets and many interests. So, if you’re main goal is to write 1,000 words each day on your fiction, but you have always wanted to try your hand at non-fiction memoir, then GO FOR IT! There’s no reason NOT to set a goal.

Once you understand what you want out of your goals, whether as a writer or a CEO or a dieter or a new bodybuilder, it’s a lot easier to make a commitment to yourself.

And that is key: your goals are your commitments to you! Isn’t it time you made some promises to yourself?

Blessings to you all…

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