Shake It Up…#MondayBlogs

In daily life, I find it all too easy to get into a rut. As people, we are creatures of habit. Establishing a routine is excellent, but complacency? Not so much.

There’s nowhere I notice boredom more than when I am running. I like to have different routes, and the occasional treadmill day since we are still in the midst of desert winter – for the next 5 minutes at least! 🙂 I was thinking about this a lot today: how I get out of the rut of routine while still keeping to a…well, a routine. Sometimes it’s new music to listen to while running, sometimes it’s exploring to find a new route.

Yet again, the neurotic writer (that’s me, in case you’re wondering) is overthinking it.

Today, I crossed the street.

Yep. That was my HUGE (should I write YUGE? Kidding, kidding!) revelation. I waited for a crosswalk, and tada: a new perspective, a fresh route, and more energy.

I’m always chasing that “best run ever” experience.

And the same is true of my writing life.

When I was writing Blessings, I was still getting tired SO easily! So, I wrote most of it in bed or on the couch.

After that, I was firmly planted at my desk, on my yoga ball.

Today, I came home from my run and rolled the yoga ball over to my dining room table, and then set the laptop up. Writing next to some of the china teacups my maternal grandmother collected on her travels, and which we (my mom and I) added to when I was a teenager just lifted my energy and drove the train for me.

My point? Keep it simple (I refuse to say the last word, I’ve banned it in my house).

Creativity thrives with the new, but it doesn’t have to be a BIG new. The small changes and adjustments can make a world of difference.

Happy #writing, my writerly friends. Blessings to you all!

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