Washed Away #MondayBlogs

The seas overtake the soil

By inches


We live oblivious

Seeing only what we choose

Blind to creeping waves

The sands shift back

Beneath swirling waters

Until beaches are submerged

We simply walk

Further inland

Without pause to mourn the loss

Night falls

And our eyes fail us

And the city is filled

With the salt-fresh smell

Of the ocean roaring in

And it is then we know ~

We stood upon a world

Washed away

Denying each change

Until we drowned ~ Caroline A. Slee

2 thoughts on “Washed Away #MondayBlogs

  1. On my last trail run, I ran a trail entitle “Fort to Sea”. (You can see a photo from it on my blog “Fallen Lantern”). I smelt the sea further from the beach than anytime before.

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