Working Magic…

The fields lie still
with the angry threat
rolling above
a storm moving like the tides
as the farmer stands
before the inevitable

Each day he labors
back breaking
brow furrowed
ignoring the sun
the wind
the rain upon him
his gaze searching his fields

for signs of burn
signs of rot
signs the weather is winning the war
in this great gamble at life

The farmer is the risk taker
throwing his efforts
against the elements
coaxing them to work
for his favor
in a bounty

He whispers prayers
a feverish faith
that he will prevail
over forces he cannot control
that his crops
will reach higher
overcoming the storms
he cannot contain

The farmer stands
against forces that should bend him
in a life that should break him
ever stronger
laughing into the odds
and twisting them
turning them

living in rhythm
with the pulse of the land
bringing life
from the earth
while the fickle skies
laugh above ~ Caroline A. Slee

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