Coincidence #wwwblogs

Our minds cannot accept
the strange accidents
every day can bring to us

We seek reason
through the madness
and the rational
above all else

We spend years
pushing down our instincts
and anything that cannot be explained

We look for the pattern
in the chaos
to make sense of it all

Never accepting
mere coincidence
ignoring the beauty
of happenstance

Coincidence is omen
a sign
a foretelling

It has meaning and weight
and a divinely appointed

While the heartbeat of nature
thrums on through the days
and the wild nights

in the unknown
and following the rhythms

Of the stars and skies and seas
We try to shape
an entire universe

To fit a fragment
of knowledge
our sight never takes us

Far enough out
imagination stops
and words fails

So we seek comfort
in the idea that everything
is meant

That even the tiniest
happy accident
is ordained

For a greater purpose
and we forget
to hold fast
to each other ~ Caroline A. Slee

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