Worlds parallel

Across the stars

In foreign skies

And somewhere within

That multiverse

We live again

Chasing different plot lines

With alternate destinies

We continue a path

We veered from long ago

We chase a dream

We lacked the courage to follow

Fate repeated

And repeated many times more

In galaxies

Ignorant of each other

We hold the essence of stars

And the powers of the sky

Within a fragile flesh

That can barely contain it all

And when the volcano builds

Within our hearts

We split apart

And resume

Many places at once

All of us exactly ourselves


Those varied paths

We turned from

There are no endings

And no closed doors

Only a cosmic shift

To finish the tale

And so no love is ever lost

And no dream deferred for long

Finality is just half a thought

Before the song continues to play ~ Caroline A. Slee

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