I dance along the edge of the world

In an America unseen

An America more like a foreign land

Filled with the forgotten children

The world longs to ignore

A new Wild West

Built for struggle and warriors

Yet newly tired

Staring into challenge with pale faces

And sleep-ringed eyes

I dance along the edge of the world

And listen to the platitudes and attacks

Levied against those in a land left behind

As the remembered

Chase the next great moment

In their quest for

Always, endlessly

More – Caroline A. Slee


9 thoughts on “Oblivious

  1. I feel this deeply in my heart. Like “Get Out” when one of the clones reply: “We’re Americans!”

    Everything feels disconnected and unreal. This isn’t the place I was born. It’s someplace I don’t know anymore or maybe the mask has just been ripped aside for me now.

    What’s the land left behind?

    • Thank you so much for reading, and your reply. I keep finding pockets of America that feel as though they were never included in our country – populations of disconnected and neglected people. I think it may have always been there, but it wasn’t at the front of our notice. Now, we all have no choice but to see. I am hopeful (always) that we will make an effort to do better for our children.

      • I understand what you mean. I feel like a balloon,with no heritage and no roots. A family of migrants who valued none of their past, I guess.

        What sort of pockets of underserved people do you speak of yourself?

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