It was a big fish that was caught

The day we bought into the tale

Swallowing what was fed to us

Hook, line, and sinker.

We give over our power

With simple actions

The laziness of everyday living

And the trust of face value.

We don’t pause to assess

We do not double check

We do not verify

The ugly fairy tales churned out for us.

We jump aboard

So virtuous and right and almighty

Certain of the facts we have never checked

Ready to bring down our hammers.

We hide judgment

And call it virtue.

We narrow opportunity

And call it the American dream.

We demand that people

Lift themselves up

Use those old bootstraps

When they have never had shoes.

Imagine the world

If only people decided:

To reflect –

To read further –

To extend a hand

To the ones who cannot

Gain their feet.

Imagine truth tellers

And generous spirits

Who bought in

To love. – Caroline A. Slee

Fallacy #wwwblogs

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